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Drupal for Digital Publishing

Today, the Newspapers & Magazine industry is turning towards digitization to cater for Millennial and Gen Z. The publishing industry is keen to choose Open Source Technologies such as Drupal as their CMS platform over other native applications. This blog shares with you Key Requirements of Digital Publishing and How Drupal could be a best choice for Digital Publishing Solutions through this Presentation. Leveraging on sophisticated features of Drupal 8 Publishers can now deliver right content to audience at right time on right device...

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How Attending DrupalCon Dublin Could Benefit You?

DrupalCon Dublin is just a week away!! With all the excitement surrounding the event we often forget to look at key things to expect out of this event. What should one learn out of DrupalCon Dublin? Is it only for Drupal developers or should CEOs, Managers and owners attend? What’s the use of attending an event on OPEN SOURCE TECHNOLOGY? Is it useful for growth of businesses as well?..

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Video Annotations in Drupal 8

Our first blog Video Annotations: A Powerful and Innovative Tool for Education explained power of videos in education when combined with features like video annotation and second blog Identification of an Open Source Video Annotations Tool for NVLI listed evaluation criteria of open annotation module that assisted NVLI project. This third blog in the series will involve defining the overall architecture of the Video Annotation solution in Drupal...

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Strategies for Revenue Streams for Digital Publishers

Coupled with increasing literacy rate publishing industry in India has seen tremendous growth in the past decade. Contradicting the global trend, in India the Newspaper industry has seen 8% growth last year. Most of this growth is driven by vernacular newspapers. It is expected that in the next decade regional newspapers grow at a rate of 12-14% as primary source of information. Although there is an increase in the adoption of digital books, digital news is yet to be accepted by Indians...

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Identification of an Open Source Video Annotations Tool for NVLI

As mentioned in our earlier blog on Video Annotations: A powerful and innovative tool for education, the most intriguing feature of the pilot version of NVLI is Video Annotation. UniMity Solutions assisted in building Annotation feature for Audio and Video assets. This involved identifying and integrating an open plugin that supported video and audio annotations and a generic annotation store module that was plugin agnostic...

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Drupal Association Board - Director At Large - Why me?

Drupal is awesome as always! At my first  speak to the candidate session on wednesday, not only did I speak for myself, but also got a chance to meet other candidates who are standing for the Drupal Board - Director At Large. Each of the candidates had so much to share about their contributions and were from different cultural background and brought different skills and competencies. This shows how Drupal has grown in the last years. For those of you who could not make it to my first session, some key questions and my responses. Here is the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2eiS1Lkk94&feature=youtu.be..


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