Keynote by Shyamala at Drupal Camp Delhi 2016

First Drupal Keynote ever by Shyamala Rajaram in front of Young Indian Drupalers at Drupal Camp Delhi!

The Current state of Drupal, knowing the nature of the young audience at Delhi Shyamal presented her keynote on “Global Opportunities”. Mapping journey of Drupal from Drupal 4.0 to Drupal 8.0, she has presented the state of Drupal today - where Drupal is today, key recent Enterprise adoptions, the highlights of working with Open Source and hence the “Global Opportunities”. 

 The key highlights of her keynote are:

  1. Drupal Today is much Larger Community
  2. Drupal Today is Growing ecosystem – from a bunch of Developers now we have Businesses, ISPvs, User and Developers around the world
  3. Drupal evolved to be a mature Open Source Solution
  4. Drupal has stayed relevant throughout its journey
  5. Stats show Drupal’s increased adoption
  6. Drupal in India is growing not only in number but also in terms of contributions


For full details checkout her blog: Global Opportunities - Drupal Today!

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