• Your extended team with your passion and agility

    Say “hello” to your extended team! Entrepreneurship is all about passion and and agility. When you build your dream product, you need a partner who is as passionate as you are about your product. Having helped several customers to build and maintain their products, we understand the dynamics of product development and the importance of being agile. Passion and agility are in our DNA.

  • Adding value where it matters

    Most entrepreneurs are great business men with limited knowledge of technology. Start-ups may not be able to afford a Product Manager or a Technical Manager in their team. UniMity helps you bridge this gap by playing the role of a Product Manager / Technical Manager giving you necessary advice on various aspects of product design and development.

    UniMity also brings its vast experience in product development and product selling into every assignment that we take up. Our experience in a variety of business domains adds value to our services.

  • Responding with Agility

    In today’s dynamic marketplace, agility is the mantra for success. We understand and strongly recommend the “Minimum Viable Product” (MVP) approach to bring out products to the market. Features are developed and released in small chunks in short timelines. This gives you an opportunity to release new features to your customers and get early feedback and quickly incorporate them in the product.

    Our Agile process for product development brings in the speed and dynamism required to respond to the market needs. Our developers architect the product such a way that the existing code is preserved and reworked to the minimum, in this iterative, evolutionary process.

  • Project management that works for you

    Effective Project Management help projects run on track. With every customer, we see what process works best for them so that the project runs on track. We will fine-tune our standard process to suit your specific requirements without compromising on the Project Management best practices.

  • OPD Testimonials

    This is a professional company that has a really nice set of people who have stepped up to the plate in terms of satisfying customer needs and meeting tight deadlines across all our technology and e-learning needs. I have personally been very comfortable in dealing with JK and his team.

    Balasubramanian Krishnan (CEO, Nuveda Learning Pvt. Ltd.)
  • Our goal was simple: if we are going to be competing against the best, then we need to show that our product is more innovative and represents a higher value proposition than the rest. Guys you did it, and did it well.

    Stuart McDiarmid (Co-Founder