Create dynamic and engaging content, Incorporate rich media - audio, video, images in contemporary layouts and schemas. Increase online readership by enabling the reader community to interact with content. Maximize online revenues using the Subscription Management and Ad Management modules. Harness the power of UniMity's proprietary "Analytics & Stimulation Engine" to capture readers' preferences. Link to a Personalization module,to configure reader-specific content. Default delivery to Web and Mobile app.

If you already have a news publishing portal (which has been developed in Drupal), we would be able to:

  • Maintain the portal
  • Add new functionalities
  • Provide our range of D2L Services

If you are planning to develop a new portal, we would be able to:

  • Design and develop a contemporary news publishing portal
  • Incorporate all/subset of the Publishing Portal Functionalities shown below
  • Implement our proprietary Analytics & Stimulation Engine
  • Provide our range of D2L Services

Functionalities for a Publishing Portal

  • Contemporary design layouts.
  • Responsive design to deliver to mobiles and tablets.
  • User Engagement Features to enhance User Experience (Ranked Content, Related Content, Personalized Recommendations, Commenting & Sharing, Polls & Contests, Badges & Leaderboards)
  • Workflow for Content Submission (News Reports) and Editing
  • Editorial Dashboard – Rich Editorial Interface for Previewing & Publishing, Administrative Functions & User Management
  • Content Architecture & Management (Hierarchical Taxonomy, User-defined Content Types, Media Libraries, Tagging, Content Queuing & Ordering),
  • Role-based Publishing (each sub-editor could have rights to publish to assigned pages/sections)
  • Layout Management (for each page/section) with drag-and-drop interface.
  • Promoting/demoting to/from Home Page
  • Creation of Specials
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Integration
  • Ad Management
  • Pay Wall & Online Subscription Management
  • Newsletters & Subscription Management
  • RSS & News Feeds
  • Site Analytics & Monitoring