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    Global Opportunities - Drupal Today!

    Drupal Today is a much Larger Community with a Growing ecosystem, Evolved to be a mature Open Source Solution. All through this journey Drupal has stayed relevant, flexible & innovative. It’s amazing to see Drupal’s increased adoption in the Enterprise space. Drupal in India is growing not only in no but also in terms of contributions!..

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    Drupal Camp Delhi - Core Drupal 8 Sprint

    IT was amazing to have over 50 indian Drupal developers all in one room working on Drupal 8 Core issues at DCD13. Some were new to contributing and some experts. The event was a 2 day event, we started sprinting in a small hall on 9th November with about 10 members all trying to have their git set up, working in downloading Drupal 8. On Day 2 we moved on to more live action worked from about 10:30 AM till about 3:00PM all so engrossed on working on the core Drupal issues!..

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