• Dwell in Drupal 8 Webinar Series

    This session describes implementing headless Drupal for a Large Newspaper Site using phalcon. This implementation use phalcon as a Front End and drupal as a Back End with multiple instances on a shared codebase. The architecture includes Mongo DataBase from which Phalcon access content. Drupal pushes content to this Mongo Database using a custom module. Implementation of Phalcon is a new learning and approaches are similar to Drupal 8.

    In this session the speaker will talk about -

  • Dwell in Drupal 8

    Building cordova app using Drupal services and ionic helps serve multiple use cases in the context of app development. Drupal acts as content repo and the cordova App could consume content using the REST APIS. We use ionic because of hybrid, as well as its additional core features, faster, simple to develop and time saving.

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    Jasmine for Unit Test Cases

    Unit Test Case is a part of Software Development Process in which the smallest testable parts of an application, called units, are individually and independently scrutinized for proper operation. Unit tests are typically written and run by software developers to ensure that code meets its design and behaves as intended. Jasmine has a clean, obvious syntax so that you can easily write tests...

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