Navitas transforms their engagement portal

Navitas Life Sciences
Drupal 8

About the Organization

Navitas, the dedicated Life Sciences company of TAKE Solutions, harnesses the combined knowledge and experience of three legacy companies—Ecron Acunova, Navitas, and Intelenet—to provide end-to-end services and solutions for pharmaceutical industry professionals.

About the Project

As a part of the initiative, Navitas Life Science aimed to develop an enhanced & secure collaboration platform where all the stakeholders could be brought together to discuss challenges, exchange latest thinking and build best practices within their field.

Client Requirement

To ensure the best outcomes, Navitas wanted a reliable, experienced partner who could make insight-driven decisions at every stage of the clinical development pipeline.

Navitas needed a platform that would facilitate knowledge sharing through online activities, record, store knowledge captured and make this repository searchable & available online.

In addition, the platform would need to facilitate communication and user participation through contemporary UI/UX while allowing the publishing of content through an intuitive & easy-to-use publishing interface.

Given the variety in its user profiles, Navitas also required Admin tools to manage contracts and subscriptions.

Why Unimity?

Unimity’s experience in building out ground up products in the knowledge management & community building space was their biggest differentiator. This was augmented by their clear understanding of business requirements and subscription models, domain expertise and exposure to having built large scale enterprise Drupal 8 implementations.

Last but not least, Unimity has specialized in platforms that enable Engagement across different user groups – customers, fans, employees and a lot of that experience proved to be very handy while executing the Navitas project.


  • Use Drupal’s content management capabilities & community-building capabilities to help deliver the product
  • Agile Development process to ensure the client could see the progress made on the product & give timely feedback on features. The Agile approach was extremely useful to ensure the time commitments for the product launch were met.

Key Highlights

Some of the key highlights in the Navitas project included:

  • Document Repository feature that helped record, store knowledge captured during collaborative offline events by leveraging Drupal’s media, file management, content creation interfaces and provided for a fast search interface by integrating with Apache Solr
  • Usability (UI/UX) features that presented Top Navigation links to Home/Dashboard and had Search explicitly presented at the top and helped created two kinds of Dashboards depending on User profiles with different Read/Write rules.
  • Business Module that was used to create Engagement Metrics to track key activities of the members and facilitates reports at the Client/Organization level to improve participation


“UniMity provided services for the development, implementation and maintenance of our Drupal-based client networking platform. I had the pleasure of working with Unimity during the maintenance phase of our project and have found them to be professional, pleasant to work with and very prompt in responding to any queries we have regarding the site. I would not hesitate to recommend them for any projects of similar scope.”

Mr. Pete Boyd,
Nets Data and Digital Analyst