Digital Strategy

Today, Digital is at the very core of all we do. The number of users that were online in 2018 was nearly 4 B (Source: Mary Meeker report, 2019). With the millennials growing in size and Gen-Z not far behind, it is only a matter of time that Digital would become the first discussion point in boardrooms, if it hasn’t already!

Engagement driving advertising

With the plethora of content that is churned out every day, it is becoming increasingly important to create content that is relevant, timely and bite-sized in order to create those thumb-stopping moments on the smartphone.

Having traversed the content journey for nearly a decade now, Unimity brings their years of experience to the fore with respect to Content strategy and Design. Content Strategy is the cornerstone for any Publishing organization because compelling content leads to repeat audiences, which aids in advertising revenues. Unimity can help you design your content strategy in line with your core users’ tastes.

Readership leading to subscription

The narrative for driving subscription revenues is very similar to that for advertising. Paid subscriptions to oft-visited websites/ portals is always driven by the quality of content. Today’s Digital consumers follow their favourite bloggers/ YouTubers, writers as what they produce strikes a chord with them. Even in the ‘Search’ world, there is an inherent traffic asymmetry built in. The first page (or fold) of “Search results” may end up getting over 95% of click-throughs because the engines view the content as most relevant.

As online users gravitate to content writers of choice, the option to subscribe ( and pay for it) becomes more elegant leading to higher revenues for the publisher.

Engagement leading to E-Commerce

Historically, e-commerce was always viewed as a Tier 3/ Tier 4 activity. A casual user may start with email, messaging, surfing and then upgrade his habits to include e-commerce/ videos. That was relevant for Web 1.0

Today, with Web 3.0, the context is about using multiple products/ platforms to acquire, retain and engage online users. With the next wave of online users, e-commerce by itself is a potent entry-product. Add on OTT players who stream multimedia content. Engagement here would be driven by deep insights about what user-profiling and content-profiling and then using Artificial Intelligence to present the most relevant content, thereby increasing screen-time.