UniMity launches UniMity PeoplePower - A Community Portal Solution

UniMity launches UniMity PeoplePower - a “Community Portal Solution”, positioned to bring the “Employee Community” closer to the company

UniMity PeoplePower is designed to meet the following Objectives:

  • Create a sense of belonging among the community and create a strong sense of identity with the company.
  • Capture and listen to the “voice of the employee community”
  • Position the company as a “preferred employer”.
  • Convert employees into Company Spokespersons

UniMity PeoplePower creates a close-knit community, through the following features:

  • Providing a platform that enables the entire employee community to participate and contribute content.
  • Providing News & Information that is relevant and of interest to the Community.
  • Providing interactive content that engages the communityProviding updates & announcements from the Company.

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