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Drupal Camp Delhi - Core Drupal 8 Sprint

IT was amazing to have over 50 indian Drupal developers all in one room working on Drupal 8 Core issues at DCD13. Some were new to contributing and some experts. The event was a 2 day event, we started sprinting in a small hall on 9th November with about 10 members all trying to have their git set up, working in downloading Drupal 8. On Day 2 we moved on to more live action worked from about 10:30 AM till about 3:00PM all so engrossed on working on the core Drupal issues!..

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#LearnDrupal training @KGISL Coimbatore

Yes this is the first Training we conducted outside Chennai (our hometown)! It is always a wonderful experience training students! This is the 3rd Training this year & 7th as team Drupal Chennai! The Training is by Drupal experts from industry from Chennai. Each of the trainers bring with them years of working experience in Drupal...

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Responsive Theme in Drupal 7 - Part 3 Making Images responsive

Images form a big part of our website. This recipe will quickly run through how to configure image cache (different image presets for image ng) for different breakpoints using the breakpoint and responsive image modules. The recipe also details steps to create a quick responsive image gallery and a responsive banner slideshow...

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Responsive Theme in Drupal 7 - Part 2

The objective of this section is to make the primary menu a toggle menu for the mobile interface. i.e the menu renders on click in mobile devices and is horizontal on screens wider than 600px...


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