Shyamala Convenes Drupal Camp Delhi 2013

It was the 4th Edition of DCD and getting better by the year.

Key Highlights:

  1. 29 sessions submission, 5 member selection panel : Vijay, Taney Sai, Dipen, Suchi & Shyamala!
  2. More representation across country more colleges / more developers.
  3. Holly Ross - Exec. Director - Drupal Association spoke to all on a webinar session Keynote by Jacob.
  4. International participation from London with Vijay joining us. Vijay is a prided Contributor from India with 150 plus core contributions.
  5. Rahul / Srijan’s continued commitment to make this event possible & giving Drupal enthusiasts across india an opportunity to connect.
  6. Drupal 8 code sprint: checkout more details on the code sprint at:

Holly talking to us

Jacob’s Keynote

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