UniMity can help in providing e-commerce & m-commerce solutions for businesses, helping to increase their customer reach and growing revenue through the optimal combination of omnichannel presence, KYC tools and user-centric solutions. 
Since our strong domain experience and a clear understanding of our Customer requirements have been one of our biggest strengths, we have helped many of our B2B & B2C clients drive business online, improve their customers’ satisfaction, expand their audience and boost sales.

Contemporary UI/UX to enhance user’s shopping experience

Our Contemporary UI/UX enable portals to engage with users in a conversational manner and ensures a better shopping experience. 
The key aspects that encompass our UI/UX technologies are the following

  • Conversational Phrases
  • Digital Assistant bots and or Smart Search and Filters
  • Use of Videos, animations, 3D effects, Irregularities 
  • Personalized Experiences
Multilingual Implementation

When enterprises are dealing with international audiences, their content needs to be multilingual and localized. 
To build an effective multi-lingual strategy, our key features will include

  • Language Negotiation 
  • Translation of Menu, Block, breadcrumbs
  • Country/Language Specific search
  • Translation management tools
  • Integration with leading translation systems
Auction Engine platform

In this digital day and age, where everything is swiftly moving online to make the operations smooth and efficient, e-auctioning can benefit the enterprise in reaching a much wider audience. 
We have implemented successful auctioning platforms for many of our clients to allow them to sell high-value items and collect bids from customers across the world.

To build an effective Auction engine platform, we emphasise building and delivering the following key features

  • Multiple Live Auctions
  • Real-time Bidding (Live Updates)
  • Auto Bid Increments (Slab Based)
  • Proxy Bidding
  • Auto Extension of ‘Close Time’ Based on Bid Frequency
  • Auto or Manual Results
  • Flexible Base Price and Bid Increment definition
  • Versatile Auction Real-Time Dashboard

An e-commerce solution is not complete without integrating different elements like Inventory management, Payment gateways, CRM and analytics.  
Integrating multiple payment gateways into your eCommerce stores will facilitate users to do transactions more secure and simple.
Enterprises require data that may be collected at the website to get integrated with other applications – could be CRM solutions like Salesforce or the company’s core business application.
Once on getting the data of the customers, it is equally important for analysing the data to understand the given behaviour of the users and how to structure the portal based on customer preferences. We help in integrating the eCommerce portals with platforms like Omniture and google for Analytics purposes.

SEO - Optimized pages

E-commerce businesses live and breathe by the ability to attract new customers from across the world. For increasing traffic and revenue generation, organic search plays a vital role. We make sure the e-commerce platform that we deliver is completely Seach Engin Optimized by making sure we deliver the following

  • Customizing Title Tags, Meta Description, URLs and Header tags
  • Optimzing the URL structure 
  • Mobile Customization
  • Indexation of internal search results
Content Management capabilities

To adapt quickly to the constantly changing buyers’ preferences, it is always best to have the uploading, editing and publishing of content, information, designs, etc independent from IT interference,  without writing a single code. This is exactly what our Content management solution offers.
It also allows modifying the look and feels of the online store, such as changing the product layout, adding promotional banners or even adding new website sections to better promote products.