Talent Augmentation

Unimity’s Talent Augmentation service helps large Enterprises quickly and efficiently build a Drupal Development teams which act as an "extended arm" of their organizations.

Benefits of the Talent Augmentation model

  • Flexible Engagement 
  • Project Management tools & practices  
  • Effective Communication 
  • Technical Competence

Unimity can build small to very large teams covering all stages of the Development Life Cycle – Requirements analysis, Wireframe creation, Graphic Design, Content Architecture, Drupal Configuration, Code Development, Theming, Testing and Implementation.

Flexible Engagement 

Being nimble and agile is ingrained in Unimity’s DNA. This helps us adapt ourselves to suit customer’s needs quicker than anybody else. Based on Business requirements, we are happy to provide teams that fulfil stated objectives. We work with clients to analyze their business roadmap, budget allocations and support requirements to come up with the most optimal team size. Teams could be either deployed in client ODC or function out of Unimity’s Headquarters in Chennai.

Project Management practices  

The team is trained on contemporary project management tools & practices. 
Use of Project management tools like JIRA, ActiveCollab, Unfuddle 
Daily Scrum planned at overlapping time zones for smoother handover
Periodic synch between Account Manager and Client act as feedback loops to ensure challenges if any are identified in a timely manner

Effective Communication 

The team understands the importance role of communication. 
Effective task-specific communication on Project management tools or emails
Periodic meetings on Webex, Zoom with Client teams
Use of Synchronous communication channels like Slack or Skype for immediate support

Technical Competence

Last but not least, the team is trained on all skills required to deliver an enterprise Drupal implementation. They are placed through regular training to ensure the skills are current & up-to-date. They are exposed to Basic & Advanced Drupal 8, Symphony’s role in Drupal, OOPs concepts, DevOps, Performance & Security compliance and more. Drupal contributions & participations are encouraged to further enhance their competency.