Headless Drupal Cordova App using Drupal Services for Angular and Ionic

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About Speaker

Anish Nirmal works at Unimity Solutions as an expert Front end developer, Drupal Themer and mobile App developer. His work includes: Drupal 7, Ionic, XMPP, StropheJS and PhoneGap. He experienced live use cases of Drupal integrating with mobile and other stand alone real time applications. His recent work has been with XMPP (Ejabberd) to enable chat services. His speciality is to override core functionality of JavaScript plugins such as Jquery Accordion, Strophe JS etc. We could call him a Javascript and Front end Ninja :)!

Apart from being a tech geek, he conducted quite a some local meetups, participated and Presented in some more. He also presented a session at DCD Delhi 2016.

About Topic

Building cordova app using Drupal services and ionic helps serve multiple use cases in the context of app development. Drupal acts as content repo and the cordova App could consume content using the REST APIS. We use ionic because of hybrid, as well as its additional core features, faster, simple to develop and time saving.

Anish Nirmal has been working in in this area for quite sometime with a live cross platform solution. In this session he would share some of the Key challenges and Simple solutions to make your App Cross platform, Strategies to overcome deficiencies of ionic to build an App that is as close to a Native App.

In this session, we will walk through:

  • An Introduction to Ionic Application Why Ionic Framework?
  • How to use drupal for mobile application
  • How to setup a Drupal enabling REST
  • Building an ionic helloworld application
  • Integrate ionic with Drupal using the services 3.x module
  • Key Challenges in building Hybrid App and how to overcome them
  • Deficiencies of Ionic over Native App and the approaches we took to overcome the same

Intended Audience

  • Drupal developer with minimal knowledge of javascript and HTML
  • A small introduction to AngularJS Will be more helpful to understand clearly
  • Anyone interested in hybrid mobile application development
  • Anyone to extend drupal websites to mobile applications
  • By the end of the session audience will have a clear idea of Headless drupal and the knowledge to build ionic mobile application!