• Composer is a tool for dependency management in PHP. It manages Install and update libraries that project manages. This session elaborate about how composer is used in Drupal 8. In Drupal Composer is inspired from node's npm and ruby's bundler. Composer manage packages/libraries per project on particular directory (by Default directory Vendor), so it has more features then Package managers.

    In this session, I will take you through:

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    This webinar covers how Drupal programming has changed in D8.

    For instance in D7 we had .module file carrying hook_menu() with routing definition, menu creation, the callback function in same .module file in D8 they are in different files with a different convention. Mr. Sivaji talks about similar things that one would do in the custom module and how they are now in D8.

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    My DrupalCon Dublin Board Retreat!

    Drupalcon is always special! Back from DrupalCon, left feeling happy, proud to be part of a caring Board, a passionate DA team and last but not least the wonderful Drupal community...

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