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    Drupal Board Staff Mixer

    During our Board Retreat, the Staff Board mixer gave us a chance to meet the staff members and the staff members to meet the Board. The staff's commitment and involvement to the project is amazing and definitely needs a pat on the back!..

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    My DrupalCon Dublin Board Retreat!

    Drupalcon is always special! Back from DrupalCon, left feeling happy, proud to be part of a caring Board, a passionate DA team and last but not least the wonderful Drupal community...

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    How Attending DrupalCon Dublin Could Benefit You?

    DrupalCon Dublin is just a week away!! With all the excitement surrounding the event we often forget to look at key things to expect out of this event. What should one learn out of DrupalCon Dublin? Is it only for Drupal developers or should CEOs, Managers and owners attend? What’s the use of attending an event on OPEN SOURCE TECHNOLOGY? Is it useful for growth of businesses as well?..

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