Enabling ease-of-publishing and multilingual capabilities for Multek & Sheldahl

About the Organization

Multek, established in 1978 in the US,  is one of the top 10 global suppliers of rigid and flexible printed circuits. With over 30 years of printed circuit board manufacturing experience, Multek offers industries leading interconnect solutions  including Rigid, Flexible and Rigid-Flex printed circuit boards for a broad spectrum of applications. 

Sheldahl was founded in 1955 and deals with flexible and printed electronics. Sheldahl leverages it’s state-of-the-art equipment enabling it to design for manufacturing solutions, which helps to optimize customers’ cost/benefit equation.
Sheldahl Inc. was purchased by Multek in 2004. Multek develops, manufactures and sells Sheldahl® brand materials. In 2018, Operations of Multek in the U.S. and the Philippines have been rebranded as Sheldahl Flexible Technologies Inc., being a subsidiary of Flex.com. Multek, except for its Northfield and Milpitas operations have been acquired by Suzhou Dongshan Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (DSBJ).
Client Requirement

The Multek & Sheldahl team needed support in the revamp of the front-facing marketing portal  and came to Unimity to work with them to define an all new  Portal, tied in with a new Information architecture and user experience.
The goals were to create an all new portal that  

  • Delivers utility and reach of their Internet presence on mobile devices .
  • Allows for  multilingual content creation and presentation with  simple & easy to use publishing interfaces.
  • Is user-friendly & trendy with a common unified UI for both properties for better maintainability of both websites and for Search Engine Optimization.

Project Features

Drupal 8 brought with it state- of- the -art CMS capabilities, multilingual capabilities and  user-friendly editorial interface.
The key project features implemented included: 

  • Enhanced UI/UX to provide an ideal “ Look & Feel”Consistency in layout and design, Accessibility to manage Fonts, Colour etc. The Mobile-first Strategy ensured the platform design was  mobile first, rather than adapt web design for the mobile.
  • Search Engine Optimization was one of the key goals of the project. The differentiator on the new website was that the pages were optimized for faster rendering.
  • Easier Content Authoring to facilitate faster publishing was provided with an organized dashboard with links to create,view content and manage structure. All content in the site was made available through this dashboard. The marketing team was self-sufficient and had minimal dependency  on the technical team to manage content            

The multilingual support features included Language Negotiation using Language Switcher, Translation of page content.The sites supported both English and Chinese.
Why Unimity?
Unimity’s  Drupal 8 experience, specifically knowledge in working on multilingual implementations & experience in large number of migration of  projects was a key driver in the project being given to Unimity. Additionally, Unimity’s 2 decades of experience in handling projects in Drupal while continuously keeping abreast of all technological advancements in Drupal was a clincher.