Redesign of a popular Education school website

Drupal 8

The website served as the front-facing marketing portal. The three main objectives of the Portal redesign included :

  1. A modern and contemporary design
  2. Making content findable 
  3. Ensure content updates could be performed by the marketing teams with minimum dependency on IT

The website has a large volume of information and making content findable was the most important aspect of the redesign. Key aspects implemented to improve the findability of content include:

  1. All new content architecture with proper content types, taxonomies and relationships/interlinkages
  2. Stakeholders based landing pages to meet their respective objectives
  3. Course Finder
  4. Staff & Faculty Directory
  5. Categorized FAQ page
  6. Powerful, fast search

Few Examples

Staff and Faculty Directory

Course Finder

FAQ Page

The key stakeholder that the website catered to includes: Prospective Students, Alumni, Admitted Students, Current Students, Donors, Employers. Each of these The Landing page presente contextual information and unique navigation paths.

The key reasons for choosing Drupal include:

  1. Competitive Cost - Drupal is Open-source, Zero license fees
  2. Tools to support building content types, taxonomies and content relationships
  3. Easy-to-use Editor interface
  4. Enterprise-class security, regular security releases
  5. Preferred Open Source CMS for high-traffic, high volume content sites


Key Functionalities on the portal include:

  1. Stakeholder Specific landing page: The Home page presented different content content, contextual information & unique navigation paths based on the Stakeholder.
  2. Course Finder: A quick search page with faceted filters to help the user navigate and Find the course he/she is looking for.
  3. Staff & Faculty Directory: Search, advanced filter and alphabetical index to find Staff and Faculty
  4. Categorized FAQ page: An accordion that displays FAQs 
  5. Powerful, fast search: Solr powered fast search with Advanced filters
  6. Search Engine Optimized: Friendly URLs, meta-data 
  7. Social Integrations: Embedded twitter, facebook and instagram content
  8. Bing Map Integrations: 
  9. Capabilities to create Pages with different layouts on the fly: best use of Drupal’s layout builder, WYSIWYG, image editing tools, media library.
  10. Contact Forms that capture information based on the reason the user is reaching out for. Also ensure emails & reports were configured to be viewed by respective stakeholders/departments.