Drupal 8 Mobile @ #drupalcampsg

Was an awesome experience being with the Drupal community Singapore @ #drupalcampsg

I had the privelage of being the very first speaker of the camp & yes ofcourse I spoke on the Drupal 8 Mobile initiative. The objective of the presentation was to introduce the various key features of the mobile initiative & motivate participation in a Drupal 8 mobile sprint that we planned. JohnAlbin also joined in and gave an overview of the initiative.

My presentation slides:


The presentation was followed by Drupal 8 mobile sprint by John.

John spent the first half of the day explaning the key resoning behind the Architect the css initiative. The second half of the day was handson on the issue queues! We had a bunch of 9 people all charged and working on renaming the css files!

At Mobile sprintAt the Mobile Sprint

@akmalfikri patch waiting for the test bot@akmalfikri patch waiting for the test bot

@jchin1968 working on renaming #drupal contextual & image module

@jchin1968 working on renaming #drupal contextual & image module

List of issues we worked on

List of issues we worked on

svenbergryen on the third issuesvenbergryen on the third issue

We worked on a total of 16 issues, 2 are in RTBC, 2 needs work & the rest are in needs review! 

Three cheers to the team!  Thanks kim.pepper, Gomez, sven, akmalfikri,criticny, jchin968, j0rd for the amazing participations. Looking to working with you more on the issue queues.