Drupal Association Board - Director At Large - Why me?

Drupal is awesome as always! At my first  speak to the candidate session on wednesday, not only did I speak for myself, but also got a chance to meet other candidates who are standing for the Drupal Board - Director At Large. Each of the candidates had so much to share about their contributions and were from different cultural background and brought different skills and competencies. This shows how Drupal has grown in the last years. For those of you who could not make it to my first session, some key questions and my responses. Here is the link to the video.

Why should you choose me?

Want to bring to Drupal Association a representation  of one of the largest and actively growing Drupal community, India. Also with my skills, a combination of having been in senior management, community building, technology, I am confident I will be able to support the association in many strategic decision making. Specifically with respect to increasing awareness, fundraising  and community building activities for Drupal.

Having worked in multiple initiatives in the Drupal project, I understand and can align myself with the key goles of the association. 

You could do what you want to do without being a part of Drupal Association, what is the additional value of being in the Drupal Association board?
Very true,Board or not some of my ideas on how organizations can support and facilitate  in improving quality and quantity of contributions is going to be my vision in the coming year. I feel the role will give me a better visibility and make it easy to gain support from other organizations. 

What is one thing you would like to do before you complete your Drupal Board Member Role?

See top 10 contributors list showing more Asian programmers, Have more Asian companies at the top of Drupal contributions.

Would you recommend local chapters and local associations? or a centralized Drupal association?

For the current size of the Drupal community a single DA is the best. Local bodies could be formed more for operational reasons. But there is no one recipe for all, some of the local associations help in strengthening the community better.

Drupal association has more American representation, how do you think they can be more inclusive?

With the current contestants being from across countries we are setting the tone. You can not have all communities represented at any point. That being the cases, strategize for  Drupal Association to work with local representatives is very important to make it inclusive.

Fund Raising for Drupal 8 was an initiative taken up by Drupal Association - was it right?

I think it was a wonderful and timely decision. Drupal 8 was very close to launch and just needed that extra push which this fund was able to provide. Moreover this also gave those who could not actually contribute through code also an opportunity to contribute. Such specific initiatives driven by Drupal Association is much appreciated.

Have more questions join the last of the meet the candidate session on 25ht/26th Feb, https://zoom.us/webinar/register/35df922afa11f9c07c24e00bf0acd2b8 

Anyone with a Drupal.org account, logged in atleast once in the previou one year can vote. Even with such a large Drupal community the no of vote at the Elections is always a very minuscule percent. This time with the vast diversity in participation we hope to see a larger representation and participation of the community. We value your vote. Look to your vote of confidence!

Dates to mark on your calendar: Voting will be held from 7 March, 2016 through 18 March, 2016