Drupal for Digital Publishing

Today, the Newspapers & Magazine industry is turning towards digitization to cater for Millennial and Gen Z. The publishing industry is keen to choose Open Source Technologies such as Drupal as their CMS platform over other native applications. This blog shares with you Key Requirements of Digital Publishing and How Drupal could be a best choice for Digital Publishing Solutions through this Presentation. Leveraging on sophisticated features of Drupal 8 Publishers can now deliver right content to audience at right time on right device.


UniMity Solutions provides expertise in designing and offering High performance publishing Solutions that are Scalable and Cloud-friendly. Our D2L in Drupal approach enables us to provide contemporary business solutions that enable us to create dynamic and engaging content. UniMity help to incorporate rich media, build reader community to interact and maximize online revenues streams. You can also harness the power of UniMity's proprietary "Analytics & Stimulation Engine" to capture readers' preferences, link to a Personalization module to configure reader-specific content and default delivery to Web and Mobile app.

For more information on requirements of online publishing and modules used you can also read our blog on Top 10 Requirements in Online Media / Publishing.