Dwell in Drupal 8 - Launching Webinar Series to Celebrate Drupal 8's First Birthday

At Unimity, we are celebrating Drupal 8’s first birthday by launching a new webinar series “Dwell in Drupal 8”!! 2016 has been a very promising year for Drupal 8.

Some of the areas that Drupal has learnt and evolved is to come up with a method to solve and facilitate “The transformation of Drupal through continuous innovation”. This blog by Dries demonstrates how Drupal 8 has made a key difference.

“Big architectural changes are easier”

“Short release cycles”

“Less expensive upgrade path”

“More incentive for core contributors by moving the code to production through shorter cycles”

With the new features in Drupal 8, Continuous changes in architecture and scheduled releases of versions, Drupal 8 is ready to transform the web experience. In order to deliver in this fast changing technology, it’s becoming imperative for all Drupalists to share knowledge, keep abreast and contribute back to community.

It has been an exciting year with Drupal 8 at Unimity Solutions. The projects we worked on Drupal 8 include a Pilot project for NVLI with IIT Bombay, IIT International Applicants Portal and an Infrastructure inspection workflow portal. The amazing part about all the Drupal 8 projects is that we had the consent of the end users to contribute code back to Drupal as part of the project. In order to cherish our journey with Drupal 8 we are launching this webinar series to connect people in new ways and listen to their experiences.

We are extremely happy and proud to announce that this series is being launch with one of the favourite speakers of our Community, Mr. Sivaji. Mr Sivaji is Co-founder and technical director at Knackforge. He has been a passionate Drupal contributor for over 8 years and started his contributions right in his college days. He is also active organizer and participant of the Chennai Drupal Community. Apart from being a co-maintainer of Quiz Project he is also Technical reviewer of Drupal 7 Module Development and Drupal 7 Themes book.

We invite speakers across globe to participate in our webinar series. The speaker should be a Drupal Developer / Drupal user having an interesting topic on Drupal 8 to present. You can Register through below link.