Elected to Board of Drupal Association

Excited to share I have been elected to the Board of Drupal Association, https://assoc.drupal.org/blog/holly.ross.drupal/2016-drupal-association-large-election-winner-announced. The support and campaigning of all my friends and well-wishers and the Drupal community has helped me get to this prestigious post! Thanks all for your confidence in me! Looking forward to my contributions to Drupal in this new role.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is primarily a CMS (Content Management System). Used to build state of art portal with dynamic content, intuitive editor dashboard, responsive layouts, interactive social features and much more.

Drupal, apart from being a CMS, also provides a strong development framework with which a wide range of web applications can be developed. Its API functions and Hook system provides simple yet powerful means to extend functionalities. You can quickly build community portals, ecommerce solutions, publishing portals, customer engagement portals, e-learning platforms and the likes.

Drupal is a pioneering open-source Content Management System that is used to run over 1 Million websites around the world. Leading media houses (like The Economist, Fox News, BBC Store, The Independent), government websites (like cities of London, Los Angeles, Austin), universities (like Minnesota, Rutgers, Surrey, George Washington, Chicago) and corporate organizations (like Johnson & Johnson, Timex, CARE International) and many others, use Drupal to power their websites.

What does Drupal Association do?

The Drupal Association is an educational non-profit organization that supports the Drupal software project, the Drupal community and its growth. The Association is supported by both individual members and organization members.

The Association uses its resources, network and funds to constantly engage in new projects and initiatives to:

 - Popularize Drupal

 - Provide Training in Drupal

 - Support growth of Drupal project

Who constitutes the Drupal Board?

The Drupal Association has 13 Board members consisting of 1 Founder Member (Dries Buytaert), 10 Class Directors bringing various expertise and 2 At Large Directors elected by the community. Checkout the Drupal Association board members at, https://assoc.drupal.org/about/board

What is my role on the Drupal Board?

Want to bring to Drupal Association a representation of one of the largest and actively growing Drupal community, India. Also with my skills, a combination of having been in senior management, community building, technology, I am confident I will be able to support the association in many strategic decision making. The key areas I will focus on would be evangelising Drupal, specifically adoption in Enterprises, Government & Education. Would also continue to support community building activities for Drupal. Listening to the voice of the Drupal community, specifically India, will be an integral part of this role.