Global Opportunities with Drupal - Enterprise Adoption

This is again an excerpt from my talk at #DCD2016. The second part of my talk was on Drupal Enterprise Adoption. Starting with Whitehouse, walked the audience through the recent Nasdaq implementation, the Majento Acquia tie up and Pfizer & Drupal.

Whitehouse & Drupal

White house is one of the early adopters of Drupal, still remember Dries blog on “U.S. government,, just relaunched on Drupal” in 2009, 7 years back.

Today President connects to the citizens using multiple channels - the white house receives, phone calls, letters, messages, the more recent channel is through a Facebook bot! White house says: “We have introduced the Facebook bot, furthering our mission to “meet the public where they are.” Millions of people contact their friends and family using Facebook Messenger. Why shouldn’t they be able to contact the White House, too?”


Checkout the announcement at:

They have open sourced the Drupal module, a boiler plate code with steps to use to help any Drupal 8 developers to quickly launch a Facebook Messenger bot. This module will allow non-developers to create bot interactions (with customized language and workflows), and empower other governments and agencies who already use Drupal to power their digital experiences!! They also get the community to enhance this tool that they are using!

The is an indian Governement portal running on Drupal. It is powered by the Central Government of India and over 2 million Citizens use the same!!

NASDAQ & Drupal

Drupal 8 to power Nasdaq’s Investor Relationship Portals. IR portals are subject to strict security compliance standards, and reliability is very important. Nasdaq's use of Drupal 8 is a fantastic testament for Drupal and Open Source. It will raise awareness about Drupal across financial institutions worldwide.

“Drupal Serves the evolving technology space & facilitates innovation!”

Enterprise don’t use Drupal because it is cheaper, but, come to Drupal for it’s value. Drupal brings with it Best of Skills, Latest features, Content Management interfaces, Better Integrations, Mobile friendly Responsive UI, Omni Channel support, Easier Hosting, Cloud support and most importantly Adapts to the needs of the end users!

Ecommerce & Content with Drupal

Global Opportunities - Enterprise Adoption


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Acquia has announced partnership with Magento!

Today’s E-commerce needs have moved and there is a need for better customer experience, a need to present different digital assets through the shopping journey of the buyer. Direct selling and Personalized experience are also evolving. Other Competitors in the Web Content management space do not have an evolved ecommerce solution, the competing ecommerce providers do not have the niche content management capabilities. Drupal has a special role to play in these scenarios, to leverage its Digital content capabilities with its Ecommerce capabilities to deliver unique Ecommerce Experiences.

Pfizer & Drupal

Mike Lamb is one of the Board Members of the Drupal Association and he represents a User organization on the board. Mike is a very active and passionate board member and has a very high regard for the Drupal Indian community. Here is a snippet of his talk at Durpalcon Dublin and shows how Pfizer launches one new site every day! Isn’t that amazing!


Original Video: Keynote by EmerColeman at DrupalCon Dublin

Drupal is increasingly getting popular in the Enterprise space for it’s capabilities and the wonderful community!