Takeaways from DrupalCon Amsterdam

DrupalCon Amsterdam Keynote by Dries was interesting and different.

Highlight of the keynote was to increase Community contribution.

Towards this Dries spoke about expanding the reach of Drupal to Asian countries where Language is the barrier by working with translators. Also work with local groups to strengthen Drupal presence in these countries.

The most important point that Dries spoke about was the need for increased participation from Companies using Drupal & End users using Drupal, not limiting community contributions to only Hobbyists. Opening out a chance for Hobbyist to still do interesting stuff while the new contributors could take up more of the bugs & support tasks.

The “George will Do it” attitude of FREE RIDERS will no longer be acceptable.

"We're not losing hobbyists. We're asking hobbyists to do very difficult things." --@Dries

Dries already has this working with the Drupal.org project where Drupal Association has taken up routine tasks making responses on issues faster, while the community participation are for idenitifed more specialized efforts.

He spoke about a reward system to promote the above contribution. The reward system would include:

  • Commits linked to organizations & end users
  • Commits identifying different kinds of contributions
  • Introduction of organization pages with badges/metrics indicating participation Mockup of organization page
  • Organization points & points based Ads on Drupal Home page

Update on Drupal 8

  • As we move towards a stable release, porting Drupal7 modules to Drupal 8 becomes increasingly important.
  • Documentation requirements will also increase.
  • More on Drupal 8 features checkouthttps://www.drupal.org/drupal-8.0

Drupal.org Infrastructure

Drupal Association support to maintain routine tasks frees up community contributions to more specialized areas.

Team is working on an Agile mode with faster turnaround on issues: Some of the recent changes include reorganizing the profile page,maintainers can give organizations credit! Watch out for more changes in the coming weeks.

Revised content strategies, checkout the Drupal Association RFP at: https://assoc.drupal.org/blog/tvn/drupal.org-content-strategy-announcing-request-proposals

Jeremey and team have been freed up to work on the new testbot integrations to open to the community different environments for testing with better efficiency.

Another aspect that the team is working on is to move Groups.drupal.org to D7 - looking at a commons based platform. Those of you with a lot of go migration experience, specifically commons migrate watch out for tasks to contribute at: https://www.drupal.org/project/groupsdrupalorg

Met the Community

TVN & Neil, from Drupal Association,

John Albin, Drupal 8 Mobile initiative lead, now Senior Front end Developer with Previous Next Australia,

Megan from Drupal Association,

David and YesCTat the sprints,

Jeremy dev-tools team member working on the testbed initiative, CTO, Singapore,

Rahul an inspiring CEO from India’s leading Drupal firms! and More… Was indeed a pleasure to meet people from different countries all unified under the Drupal umbrella.

Amsterdam City

September has the best weather. The people were extremely friendly. I enjoyed the excellent public transportation system - used the tram, metro & bus to go around the city. Not to mention a long Car to see the windmills. Some must dos are Cycling, Visit to the Museums, The Canal Cruise, Drive to see The Windmills, Eat Cheese & Chocolates :)!