Unimity’s Journey with Drupal in 2016 - Part 1

Recollecting 2016, here’s a blog on our exciting and most amazing journey with Drupal. Drupal Cons, Drupal Camps, Drupal Trainings, Drupal Code Sprints and much more…


Unimity’s Journey with Drupal in 2016 - Part 1

Shyamala Rajaram Elected to Drupal Association Board

Proud moment for Unimity Solutions in 2016 was to have Shyamala Rajaram Elected to the Drupal Board of Drupal Association.

She has been an active contributing member of the Drupal Community for over 10+ years. Involved in different contributions - starting with Drupal Forums, Drupal Code, QA, Project Management, Community building and more. For the elections, Shyamala competed against 22 other candidates across the world for this post and won!

DrupalCon Dublin

The First board meeting was in DrupalCon Dublin (September 2016). At Dublin the Board worked with Megan, the Executive director in defining the strategic direction and the boundaries in which the Drupal Association should operate to ensure Sustainability. For a quick preview into her experience at the board meeting read the post, My DrupalCon Dublin Board Retreat!

Shyamala also had a chance to meet Drupal Association Staff Members. Cheer the work of the Drupal Association staff, understand what they do from the post “Drupal Board Staff Mixer”.

Unimity’s Journey with Drupal in 2016 - Part 1


Drupal Con Asia

DrupalCons are always vibrant & flagship initiative of Drupal Community. A chance to meet our mentors, maintainers of our favorite modules, core developer who commit our patches, system admins who keep drupal.org running smoothly and many such key stakeholders of Drupal under a single roof. DrupalCon Asia - February 2016, was a much awaited and very first DrupalCon in India.

Unimity Solutions sponsored, contributed and participated in DrupalCon Asia held in February 2016 in Mumbai. It’s a fascinating experience to all of us, who attended DrupalCon Asia to meet Dries and Drupalists from all over the world to learn & cherish Drupal 8. Key Highlights for Unimity in DrupalCon Asia:

Unimity’s Journey with Drupal in 2016 - Part 1


Keynote at Drupalcamp Delhi

Drupal Camp Delhi is one of the largest and oldest camps in India. The Camp bring together Drupalists from across India. This years Camp, Keynote was by Shyamala on Global Opportunities with Drupal and Drupal - Enterprise Adoption swaying the audience completely with her prolific ideas and opinions.

The young energetic organizers of the Delhi community need a special clap of hands for the efficiency with which they organize these camps year on year!

Unimity’s Journey with Drupal in 2016 - Part 1


Presenting at Drupalcamp Delhi

Anish Nirmal, Mobile App Developer & Drupal Themer from Unimity, delivered a session on Headless Drupal cordova app using Drupal services for angular and ionic. This Session brought to the audience his experiences and knowledge in having built Hybrid Apps in the context of Drupal, the Challenges faced and Approaches to mitigate these Challenges.

Session on Building Headless Drupal Cordova App by Anish Nirmal at DCD 2016

Our Journey with Drupal in 2016 is not over yet. Checkout our second blog!