Unimity’s Journey with Drupal in 2016 - Part 2

In continution of our journey with Drupal at international and national level in our previous blog, we would like to highlight some initiatives and contributions at Unimity and with Chennai Drupal Community.

Global Training Days

Global Training Days primarily focus on imparting knowledge in Drupal for beginners as well as experienced developers & designers. Drupal training can be both online & offline i.e, classroom training. The training programs have an agenda and address specific topics. Intended audience will attend basing on the session topics. Global trainings Days are typically a day long. Unimity is proud to have participated jointly with other local Drupal companies to jointly provide Drupal Training.

APRIL 2016 - Global Drupal Training

SEPTEMBER 2016 - Global Drupal Training

  • Unique Training day the event being partly live with international, national speakers joining on Hangout on Air.
  • Atmosphere was electric with hot debates on topics like “Drupal Catching”, “Composer Workflow for Drupal Development”, “Deployment Automation”, “Cordova”, “Decoupled Approach & Restful API” and many more…
  • Speakers Hussain Abbas, Piyuesh Kumar and Dave Hall joined us through Hangouts. Mr. Vamsee Krishna, Mr. Sivananda Perumal and Ms. Mandakini Kumari.
  • The training program was a fuse of corporate and academic. We had students from SRM University and a Large Drupal community in Chennai join us.
  • Mr. Dorai Thodla, our Chief Guest addressed the crowd, inspiring many young Tech Geeks to be passionate and determinant in life.

Check out the Event Album.

DECEMBER 2016 - Global Drupal Training

  • Exclusively Drupal 8, a half day event with two sessions on “Managing libraries in Drupal 8” and “Debug twig template in Drupal 8”.
  • Kiluvai, Capital Numbers and Innopal Technologies needs a special mention as they were most engaging and vibrant set of audience.

Drupal Code Sprints

A Code Sprint is targeted to Developers. During Code Sprints, the developers will be just writing code for a certain amount of time,usually, a day or two long. Participants will learn from each other or there will be an lead helping participants to write code. The goal is to create working software or at least some part of it depending on time. Code sprints are also sometimes called as hackathons or codeathons.

JANUARY 2016 - Chennai Drupal Global Sprint

Drupal sprint at Unimity premises prior to DrupalCon Asia.

FEBRUARY 2016 - Chennai Drupal Sprint

To continue the momentum of DrupalCon Asia, we organized another sprint where Sivaji Ganesh from KnackForge Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd, Shyamala Rajaram from UniMity Solutions Pvt Ltd, Lakshmi N.P. from Axelerant, Kamalakannan S from Kiluvai Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd and Veerasekar from UniMity Solutions Pvt Ltd shared their experience in DrupalCon Asia.

OCTOBER 2016 - Drupal Mentored Code Sprint

Launch of our webinar series “DWELL IN DRUPAL 8”

  • Celebrating Drupal 8’s first birthday we have launched a webinar series “Dwell in Drupal 8”. The first webinar of this series was by one of the favourite speakers of our Community, Mr. Sivaji, Co-founder and Technical Director at Knackforge on 19 November, 2016.
  • We have completed 4 broadcasts successfully on:

Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 Programming

Drupal 8 Composer Workflow 

Dependency Injection Basics

Headless Drupal Cordova App using Drupal Services for Angular and Ionic

The next one is on 29th December on Architecture and Debugging in Drupal 8 Frontend.

The objective of this series is to share the Durpal 8 knowledge acquired through Webinar session. Want to share your knowledge on our Webinar, write to us [email protected]

Issue Credits

Working and climbing the issue credit ladder slowly as an Organization requires planned regular office hours to support the Credit contributions. Our Star contributors are:

Karthikeyan Manivasagam Credited on 11 issues fixed in the past

  • 1 year Registration role, 8 issues
  • Quiz Progress, 1 issue
  • FAQ_Ask, 1 issue
  • Search configuration, 1 issue

Anishnirmal D Credited on 8 issues fixed in the past 1 year

  • Drupal core, 5 issues
  • Annotation Store, 3 issues

Our Technical Blogs on Drupal

Some of our technical blogs performed exceptionally well! Here are the links to Top 3 Blogs!!



Unimity Solutions hope to see more contribution to Drupal Community in the year 2017! We would continue our journey with Drupal with more passion for years to come.

"Wishing you all A Happy New Year!"