Where do you find the Drupal.org Software working group?

Did you know that the Drupal.org Software working group appointed by the Drupal Association provides continued support for improvements of the Drupal Dev tools & Drupal.org? And did you know they appointed the Drupal Dev Tools team, the community representatives whose expertise further improve Drupal.org?

I recently became a part of the Drupal Dev Tools team as their Project Manager. This gave me an insight into to the large amount of work carried out towards maintaining the Drupal infrastructure and to support Development tools.

The broad area that falls under the radar of the Dev tools  team include the project pages, issue queues, test bots & automated testing infrastructure, Git repository & the integrations, various metrics, Security reviews, Documentation, 3rd party integrations.

Towards my new role, my first task was to understand where & how the team worked. I worked out a list of groups, projects & tags on issue queues where you could see them in action. This could be a good starting point for anyone who is looking to understand the Drupal Dev Tools team.

To know the team checkout: http://drupal.org/node/2202557


groups.drupal.org/drupal.org or Drupal improvements group: place where you can collaborate on anything that is to do with improving Drupal.org. the Drupal Association is an active part of this group.

groups.drupal.org/drupal-org-testing-infrastructure All about testing on drupal.org


Drupal.org customizations: Module used to maintain customization, navigation & custom pages for Drupal.org - submit feature requests or enhancements.

1.  Drupal.org D7 upgrade QA : This is used to report bugs in the D7 upgrade & normally moved to appropriate issue queue for implementation. (Appropriate contrib module queue, Project issue queue or for customizations to the Drupal.org customizations queue)

2.  Project ApacheSolr integration

3.  Project issue tracking: This module provides the issue queue functionality - report issues in the issue queue here.

.  Drupal.org Testbots: This project is a place for issues to be filed or questions to be asked about the Drupal.org testbots and all the projects related to them - report testbot issues here (Drupal core project + contrib).

5. Version Control / Project* integration This project integrates version control with project module. - report version control related issues (Drupal core project + contrib)

6. Bluecheese The theme that is part of Drupal.org is now available as a contributed theme downloadable at Drupal.org.

Stay tuned with an updated list of modules at: https://drupal.org/node/27367


Some of the key Dev Tools tags are:
Watched by the whole team
-  DSWG Dev Tools Team priority: issues we are seeing through to completion.
-  Needs DSWG Dev Tools Team feedback: community tag to get feedback from us. We untag when the issue is not blocked by us.

Watched by team members
D.o UX: issues non-trivially affecting Drupal.org’s user experience.
Drupal.org 7.1: Regressions from D6

Other tags used by community
Drupal.org priority
Developer improvements
Core mentoring on d.o
Core metrics on d.o

We will soon be mentoring noivce users to contribute towards drupal.org. Interested to work with this team feel free to reach out to me using the d.o contact form or on twitter @shyam_raj.

The Dev Tools team is conducting public meetings. Want to join & help Dev Tools team, need support or just talk to the team, join the meetings!

Follow us at: groups.drupal.org/drupal.org, watch out for more announcements from us.