Working Experience in Table field Contrib Module Drupal 8

Drupal 8 integrating with Traditional ECMs to enhance Enterprise Content Management Capabilities

“Shifting business requirements for digital content and new technologies are changing the ECM market. .By 2018, 50% of enterprises will manage their content using a hybrid content architecture.” - Says Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management 2016

1.  Rich Content Management Tools

2.  Responsive Layout and Design

3.  Social Media Tools & Search Engine Optimization

4.  Integration Capabilities - RESTful APIs Support

5.  Multi Domain Capabilities

6.  Multi Lingual Capabilities

7.  E Commerce Capabilities (Capabilities to handle different type of domain contents like E-Commerce, Newspaper etc )

Rich Content Management Tools

The need for different types of pages in the sitemap, broadly divided into Landing Pages, Individual Pages and Functional Pages. This can be easily achieved by using out-of-the-box content modelling tools in Drupal like Content Types, Views and Call back functions. The flexibility for the editor to create dynamic landing pages with variants in UI (Image and Text combinations, layout variants) is possible by extending the content type interfacome of the key content management features include